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Cable minder saves installers’ time

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TELECOMMUNICATIONS connectivity manufacturer Krone Australia has developed a rack-mountable cable minder that will save installers more than 80 per cent of cable management looming time.

Called MASTERminder, the product is part of Krone’s PremisNET range of solutions.

It eliminates the need for cable or Velcro ties, saving on material costs as well as overall time spent on the cabling infrastructure project.

“It is widely acknowledged that there is more of an emphasis on correct cabling practices and maintaining the bend radii of cables as the industry moves towards the adoption of Category 5e and Category 6 cabling standards,” Krone national sales and marketing manager Peter Davis said.

“We know from the tests we have conducted for our own TrueNet Cat 5e and Cat 6 end-to-end cabling solutions that cable management at the rear of the patch panels plays a vital role in ensuring zero bit error rates on a network.”

MASTERminder is the only plastic moulded product of its type available on the market. Comparative products are solitary metal bars that depend on cable or Velcro ties to manage the cable.

The one-piece, injection-moulded, plastic MASTERminder boasts the following features:

· It is fully adaptable to any 19” rack, allowing for mounting on to any brand of patch panel;

· It holds up to 32 UTP cables;

· Lock-in guides, integral to the moulded product, hold cables in place without the need for cable or Velcro ties;

· It can be used in either Cat 5e or Cat 6 installations;

· upright posts help maintain the correct bend radii of the cable to be maintained;

· Its height does not exceed 1RU (one rack unit), which allows for multiple MASTERminders to be used, providing a much tidier cabling system; and

· The time required to install the cables is greatly reduced.

“The R&D people at our NSW central coast headquarters identified a unique market opportunity. No one else, here or overseas, has a cable minder that will attach to any brand of RJ45 patch panel, without the need for cable or Velcro ties,” Mr Davis said.Krone Australia 0

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