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The X67 I/O system from B&R

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With the possibility for installation outside of the switching cabinet, the X67 I/O system from B&R offers complete freedom to use various topologies and performs as fast as a centralized solution. Because of the IP67 protection, the X67 modules can be installed anywhere on the machine, and guarantee high performance and ruggedness even in the harshest conditions.

Open I/O placement

Thanks to its ergonomic characteristics, the compact X67 System I/O system can be used anywhere on the machine and therefore permits decentralized machine automation according to the requirements of the application. The system can span over 25 km (up to 100 m between modules), so the user is not limited with regard to placement of the modules.

The ability to set the parameters for the digital inputs and outputs freely and to connect to all standard fieldbus systems ensures high flexibility and adaptability.

Reduced costs for machine and system manufacturers

There is clear potential for the user to reduce costs using the decentralized I/O philosophy. Installation, cabling and commissioning are made much easier and faster. The exceptional durability of the X67 System I/O Modules also provide excellent investment security. 

The X67 I/O system is available from DAANET .

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