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Professional configuration of fieldbus components from Daanet

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B&R, available from DAANET , have decided to develop versatile I/O modules that can be flexibly adapted to meet the individual demands of customers. Configuration software is used to provide the best possible assistance for choosing and implementing these settings in the most effective manner. In addition to simple and intuitive operation, it must also be possible to easily apply the created configuration data to the respective development environment. This enables the developer of the PLC program to start working with the data for the I/O peripherals, without having to pick up a single piece of hardware. This essentially means developing "offline".

Features of the configuration software include:

  • Easy configuration and integration in applications- The new FieldbusDESIGNER configuration software offers users the best possible support for configuring I/O modules. This software tool provides access to all available parameters, both on the bus connector as well as on the actual I/O modules, via selection menus and wizards. In six easy steps, the user can create configuration files that can be transferred right to the hardware or integrated in the respective PLC supplier's development environment.
  • Integrated help system for the highest degree of user friendliness- An extensive, context-sensitive help system in German and in English offers the user useful information when performing a variety of configuration tasks by providing not only technical data for all modules and their configuration options, but also explanations about how to use the FieldbusDESIGNER itself. This guarantees that users can get started quickly and provides assistance for whatever detailed questions that might arise.
  • The I/O module is always up to date- This means that hardware description files for I/O modules can be updated or additional functionalities added online at any time.
  • Modularity in configuration and implementation- Easy configuration and diagnostics on the fieldbus station should also be possible without the use of a special tool such as the FieldbusDESIGNER. As a result, the EtherNet/IP bus controller is the first ever Ethernet-based module with a web interface.
  • Bus controller versions are available with IP20 or IP67 protection for the fieldbus systems CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet POWERLINK, Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP. In addition to the standard size with IP67 protection, 8 integrated digital I/O channels and M8 connections, other versions are also available with 16 digital I/Os and M12 connections - of course all versions are 100% compatible.
  • The remote backplane of the B&R configuration software system combines all I/O modules and allows directly connected X20, X67 or XV modules to be placed at distances up to 100 m outside the confines of the switching cabinet. The FieldbusDESIGNER also supports the configuration of machine options. This offers the possibility to later integrate machine options on bus modules that are not yet being used without having to change the software addressing.
For other bus systems, the B&R FieldbusDESIGNER enables the best possible usage of the function spectrum of I/O modules as well as easy and convenient integration in new and existing applications.

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