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Modern automation technology reduces packaging costs

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A further reduction of costs for plastic packaging by lowering packaging densities is hardly possible anymore. This is why rationalization potentials in the manufacturing and operation of packaging machines are taking more of the spotlight these days. Hastamat, the well-known German manufacturer of packaging machines, also has a solution for this situation: Reliable machines custom-tailored to the application and highly-integrated systems, offering higher performance without costly ballast. The foundation for the achieved savings is the high-performance automation technology from B&R.

Production of machines for packaging such fragile products as salted bread sticks, potato chips or chocolate-covered baked goods is a task strictly for specialists. Sowohl beim Abwiegen bzw. In order to achieve optimal results when weighing/portioning the products as well during the actual packaging process, specific requirements for both the product and the machine owner must be considered. The packaging system must be customized accordingly. This requires extensive application and machine know-how as well as the utmost flexibility when planning, commissioning and manufacturing a machine.

The Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH, based in Hessian Lahnau, meets these high demands and sets an exemplary standard. “Packaging of bar-shaped products is one of our core competencies,“ explains Andreas Hollmann, manager of Hasmat Verpackungstechnik GmbH. “Not only do we possess the required know-how and resources for developing and producing individually customized machine- and systems solutions for the packaging of superior products, but we have also known the demands of different applications for decades.

Custom solutions help cut costs

Even packaging machine manufacturers cannot elude the noticeable pricing pressure of the food industry in Germany. This demand for customized solutions means that machine and system functionality is tailored for application and do not include any costly features that remain unused in actual application. Hastamat achieves this by modifying field-tested standard solutions with a modular design and making them available for numerous options. “We are also known for finding and implementing custom solutions for applications that other companies would not dare address,“ according to Dipl.-Ing. Peter Lökös, head of marketing at Hastamat.

Accordingly, the implemented automation solution must also prove flexible and efficient.It should not put extra pressure on the budget. “The product portfolio of the Automation technology manufacturer must, on the one hand, offer all the products needed for all applications at an attractive price, but also must not hinder the selection process with undue complexity,“ says Dipl.Ing Martin Otto, leader of electrical construction at Hastamat. The same applies to the automation components. Consistence with our requirements is indispensable so we can avoid expensive detours.

These criteria form the core of the performance catalog that Hastamat has chosen to evaluate the control solutions of several well-known providers of automation technology, as they are seeking to modernize their packaging machines.

“We have defined separate required and desired criteria in a points system by comparing the prices of each of the controller manufacturers,“ according to the manager of electrical construction. B&R emerged from the evaluation at the top. 

B&R products are available in Australia from DAANET .

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