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IDEM Launches IDESAFE Rope-Switch Communication Systems for Long Conveyors

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IDEM introduces the IDESAFE rope-switch communication system to simplify the design and installation of conveyor safety controls in long conveyors.  

The IDESAFE safety solution is especially ideal for long bulk material conveyors in mines, quarries, tunnels and mineral processing plants.  

Using a simple two-wire power/data bus, IDEM GLH model heavy-duty rope switches can be daisy-chained with almost any twisted-pair two core cable  to protect conveyor lengths up to 5km. Safety integrity to SIL3 and Category 4 is maintained.  

Key features of the rope-switch communication system:  

  • Up to 63 switches per network
  • Diagnostic information via local text display, or PLC interface
  • PROFIBUS and Modbus interface options available
  • Switches available in yellow die-cast and 316 stainless steel
  • Highly scalable and fail-safe design

The GLH safety switches are heavy duty rope switches and are part of IDEM’s next generation of safety controls that come standard with an E-Stop button, bi-colour status LED, tension gauge to simplify setup and IP67 rating.  

The safety switches are fitted with an addressable module to provide a unique identification on the IDESAFE network.  

Combining the IDEM GLH rope-switch with IDESAFE provides a robust safety solution for long conveyors with reduced design and installation cost, and full diagnostics to locate an activated switch.

IDEM is distributed nationally in Australia through DAANET distributors.

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