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Hirschmann releases new version Hiper ring redundancy protocol

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Hirschmann  Automation and Control has released a new version of the Hiper ring redundancy protocol.

Featuring a guaranteed recovery time of less than 10 milliseconds, the fast Hiper ring structure allows both a cost optimised implementation of a redundant network as well as maintenance and network extension during operation. This makes fast Hiper ring especially suitable for complex applications such as a combined transmission of video, audio and data information.

At present this protocol is released in the switches of the MACH 1000 and RSR product series.

In time, all managed switches from Hirschmann will support fast Hiper ring.

With the Hiper ring protocol, identically configured switches can be connected in a ring using user-assigned ports. To prevent a loop in the network, one switch acts as a redundancy manager.

For fast Hiper ring, this manager sends test packets to the network at an interval of one millisecond. If three consecutive transmitted packets do not return, the standby connection is activated within just 10 milliseconds, considerably faster than any competing redundancy protocol.

The managed fast/Gigabit Ethernet switches of the MACH 1000 and RSR series are designed for hostile conditions such as electrostatic discharges, magnetic fields or strong vibrations.

While the MACH 1000 devices are designed for use in the switch cabinet, the RSR switches can be mounted on DIN rails or on the wall.

With a range of products and forms, complete network solutions in both conditioned and harsh environments can be implemented for transformer stations, water treatment plants, traffic infrastructure and industrial plant.

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