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Energy-Saving B&R Servo Drives available from DAANET

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article image Cold-plate technology eliminates the need for a separate cooling device for the control cabinet, resulting in savings of up to 23%

Machine and system manufacturers are increasingly choosing to implement innovative motion control technologies due to greater environmental awareness and to take advantage of new business opportunities.  

If motors and drive components are generally working with a level of efficiency near 100% when operating at the rated load, it makes sense to have a look at the secondary components around the actual drive system.  

Alois Holzleitner, Business Manager for Motion Control at B&R says that large amounts of energy can be saved in the area around the drive system with relatively little effort by using the right components.  

Optimal drive sizing reduces energy consumption

A new SERVOsoft tool from ControlEng is being used by B&R to ensure that drives can be sized in a targeted manner.  

Energy consumption can be reduced to a minimum by perfectly matching the masses to be moved with the drives needed to do it.  

For complex machines where movements are executed consecutively, kinetic energy is often released in the braking resistors in the form of heat.  

ACOPOSmulti servo drives can be connected via the DC bus to save up to 30% of the energy used for movements.  

Brake energy is stored in capacitors and made available at a later time for acceleration. The user profits not only from efficient use of energy, but also from a cooler control cabinet because the heat from the resistors is greatly reduced.  

Active energy regeneration saves up to 80%

A further increase in energy efficiency can be achieved through active energy regeneration on the power mains.  

This is relevant in instances where braking and acceleration within an axis group do not take place simultaneously. While all the brake energy is put to use, unavoidable friction remains as the sole source of loss.  

Modern ACOPOSmulti drive systems help to cost-effectively regenerate up to 80% of the energy previously lost as heat in the resistors.  

Energy-saving measures are supported by B&R through cold-plate control cabinet installation. This provides the option of using the energy from heat loss that occurs in the servo drives themselves where it is needed via fluid circulation and a heat exchanger.  

According to Alois Holzleitner, cold-plate technology eliminates the need for a separate cooling device for the control cabinet, resulting in savings of up to 23% in energy and device costs.  

ACOPOSmulti family of servo drives also corrects the total power factor (TPF) to 1.0.  

While conventional inverters with a small TPF exhibit considerably higher effective power consumption leading to unnecessary loss in the supply lines and transformers, the active power supply of the ACOPOSmulti servo drives ensures that the energy is used efficiently.  

ACOPOSmulti servo drives therefore, help save up to 50% of the infrastructure costs by reducing the size of wires, feed components and fuses.  

ACOPOSmulti servo drives by B&R are available from DAANET .

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