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B&R’s Certified Servo Drive Safety System Increases Productivity and Workplace Safety

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article image B&R ACOPOSmulti with SafeMC and servo motors integrate intelligent safety into drive technology without additional wiring

B&R has obtained certification for a fully digital servo drive safety system comprising of everything from sensors to actuators.  

Servo drives from the ACOPOSmulti product family that were certified in February 2010 by TÜV Rheinland have reduced error response times by a factor of 10 while the maximum impact energy produced has been reduced by a factor of 100.  

Excellent machine dynamics and increased productivity with maximum safety are now possible.  

The relay-free SafeMC safety circuit, which is installed in all ACOPOSmulti drive units, automatically monitors how the motor responds to instructions from the servo drive.  

This is done using fully digital encoders that are certified according to EN ISO 13849. The electronics are integrated directly on the drive to avoid increasing response times.  

The safe servo drives from B&R promote optimal use of safety equipment because double wiring is eliminated and external monitoring modules are provided.  

ACOPOSmulti with SafeMC can also be seamlessly integrated in the existing system with the SafeLOGIC safety controller and the X20 Safe I/O. This makes B&R one of the earliest manufacturers to provide a certified and fully network-integrated safety system including intelligent drive safety functions.  

These safety systems increase machine efficiency and productivity in addition to improving workplace safety.  

Programming safety functions for ACOPOSmulti devices with SafeMC is done in the standard development environment using SafeDESIGNER in B&R Automation Studio.  

Autonomous configuration of the SafeMC components and the embedded parameter chip allow quicker and easier configuration during service work.  

SafeMC with ACOPOSmulti and B&R synchronous servo motors are based on the open network-based safety standard openSAFETY. This combination complements the portfolio of integrated safety components for machine and systems manufacturing, which has proven itself in the field and has already been certified.  

B&R is represented in Australia by DAANET .

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