Daanet is the Australian master distributor for Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet, IDEM Safety Switches and B&R Automation. Daanet member distributors are located in capital cities and regional Australia, and have provided industrial automation expertise, relevant to their local markets, for over 20 years.

Daanet - Control Information Connectivity


Question: 17/04/13 - Hirschmann provide a range of firmware options to allow the purchase of just the required features. Broadly grouped by Layer 2 (Switching) and Layer ... read more
Question: 17/04/13 - Most industrial networks are solely 'switched' networks. That is, all the active network elements are 'Layer 2' devices, or Switches, and this means ... read more
Question: 17/04/13 - An ethernet hub has two limitations. Firstly, it operates only in half-duplex, which restricts traffic flow, and has the effect of limiting the overall ... read more
Question: 17/04/13 - No. It is not recommended. Given the high-speed response requirements of the fast-recovery ring, the variable latency of the wireless link can result ... read more
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16/10/13 - RMIT University is delivering tailored training in association with Hirschmann distributor Daanet.
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07/02/13 - B&R has completely revamped their company website to present a fresh appearance and new features.
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30/01/13 - B&R introduces a new X20 module with onboard intelligence for vibration analysis that can make condition monitoring an integrated and standard feature in every machine.
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18/01/13 - Leading provider of secure remote access solutions for the automation industry, Secomea has expanded its range of 3G SiteManager units to include two new models with four LAN Ethernet ports.
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