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D.J. Young offers metal fasteners and precision wire formings

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D.J. Young  is a designer and manufacturer of a diverse range of products including metal fasteners and precision wire formings. D.J. Young manufactures and supplies PacifiX muselets that are suitable for use in high speed bottling plants.

D.J. Young’s PacifiX muselets are used by sparkling winemakers worldwide at present. The PacifiX muselet range manufactured by D.J. Young includes various types of muselets ranging from the plain galvanized style muselets to the fully decorated and printed version of muselets.

The muselets (French for “muzzle”) are also known as wirehoods, champagne wires, gabbietta, and bozales d’alambre. The PacifiX muselets manufactured by D.J. Young feature consistency in dimensions and shape which inturn ensures reliable performance of the modern bottling machinery used in high speed bottling plants.

D.J. Young uses high quality materials in the manufacture of products such as PacifiX muselets; as a result PacifiX muselets feature reliable performance and longer life. The PacifiX muselets incorporate a “free-belt” that allows all legs to slide around the belt ring, and so take up their correct position around the bottle neck. The belt ring attachment in the PacifiX muselets of D.J. Young curls around thus preventing the leg tip from piercing the capsule.

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