D. J. Young

Muselets (wirehoods) for bottling of sparkling wine. Stationery Fasteners Engineers Flat Washers


Supplier news
04/06/08 - The PacifiX muselets available from D. J. Young are widely used by sparkling winemakers. There are various types of PacifiX muselets available from D. J. Young ranging from the plain galvanized style to the fully decorated and printed version.
Supplier news
02/06/08 - D. J. Young manufactures and supplies a wide range of quality wirehoods also known as muselets, ideal for bottling of sparkling wine and other bottling industries.
Supplier news
15/04/08 - An extensive range of muselets are available from the product range of D.J. Young and these muselets are suitable for use in bottling industry.
Supplier news
14/04/08 - D.J. Young is a designer and manufacturer of a diverse range of products including metal fasteners and precision wire formings.

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710 High Street
Kew East
VIC 3102
Tel: 03 9859 4468
Fax: 03 9819 7357

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