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D.E.P.S offers Cascreen products, submersible pumps and turbine pumps

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Products offered by D.E.P.S include Cascreen products, ESPA, pump accessories, stainless steel products, submersible pumps and turbine pumps.

P.V.C. slotted screens and bore casing as well as polypropylene, A.B.S. polyethylene, and stainless steel are manufactured in various sizes by D.E.P.S.

A combination of features to suit the special needs of customers is considered by D.E.P.S. during manufacturing. Every variation is possible including a diameter range of 20mm to 500mm.

Some of the features of bore systems and monitors offered by D.E.P.S. include screens, threading, centralisers, cleaning and top caps.

To suit the requirements of customers related to part screens and sumps, D.E.P.S. fits any length of screen in any position on a full piece of pipe.

Square threaded flush joints are typical pipes of fifty millimetre and they are generally available with O-rings. Centralisers are manufactured in stainless steel for pipes of larger sizes and plastic sheet for pipes of smaller sizes.

Every screen and casing is plastic bagged, cleaned and sealed to make sure that no more contamination occurs. Top caps are screw in, lockable, screw on or can be push in and push on.

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