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D.E.P.S manufactures pumps and offers maintenance services for pumps

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D.E.P.S  is one of the leading pump manufacturers which specialises in vertical multi stage borehole pumps. D.E.P.S manufactures the pumps as either a line shaft drive version or a completely submersible unit. Both these types are suited for de-watering and water supply due to the generous size and rough cast construction of the mechanical components.

D.E.P.S offers range of materials that are used in construction. The materials offered by D.E.P.S include iron, bronze and stainless steel. D.E.P.S also offers specialised materials to its customers.

D.E.P.S has undertaken continuous research and development and due to this it has been able to successfully manufacture pump units that provide high competence without making any compromise on the integrity of the structure. The pump units offered by D.E.P.S have proven them in mining, irrigation, municipal and offshore applications.

D.E.P.S offers full unit maintenance and testing services. It offers the same standard of service to new units and overhauls and it also offers the option of all reconditioned and new submersible units to be performance tested in the purpose built test bays of D.E.P.S where the outcome is forwarded to the customer.

Because of the involvement of D.E.P.S in multi stage pumps, it has been able to form a relationship with Caprari and ESPA. These companies allow D.P.E.S to expand their range of pumps.

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