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Exhaust extension tube available from D. C. Power Systems
26.04.2007 - D. C. Power Systems has provided information on ways to install small diesel or gasoline generators inside enclosed areas by directing the exhaust fumes outside.
New range of big diesel gensets from D.C. Power Systems
09.11.2006 - D.C. Power Systems has added a new range of big diesel gensets to their armoury.
Announcing a new range of petrol driven compactors
06.10.2006 - A leading power equipment company is announcing the release of a brand new range of compactors that are petrol driven. DC Power Systems presents a range of new petrol driven compactors. These units are state-of-the-art and prices are very competitive
Portable engine driven water pumps
14.07.2006 - Portable water pumps are essential for people working on remote properties where high pressure water pumping is needed for water transfer or bushfire protection. D.C. Power Systems provides a large range of petrol or diesel powered water pumps that f
Portable generators
27.06.2006 - PORTABLE generators providing mains power are invaluable tools for trades people working in remote areas or where AC power is not readily accessible, for remote properties with no mains power or as a back-up in areas where mains power interruptions c
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