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article image Model HDGY7500CXE portable generator

PORTABLE generators providing mains power are invaluable tools for trades people working in remote areas or where AC power is not readily accessible, for remote properties with no mains power or as a back-up in areas where mains power interruptions cause considerable trauma and expense.

Consideration must be given to the quality of the generator, noise, fuel tank capacity, clean sinusoidal output waveform, weight, over current protection, spare parts availability and ease of starting.

D.C. Power Systems provides a large range of petrol or diesel powered portable generators that fulfill all of these desirable features.

Their generators and power sources are matched so as to minimise stress on components whilst providing performance well within their published specifications.

Typical of the range of portable generators available is the Model HDGY7500CXE pictured.

This is a 5.0KVA portable generator powered by a diesel engine with electric start and battery charging regulator circuit built in.

The unit comes equipped with inflatable pneumatic tyres and two folding handles enabling it to be moved around safely and a fuel tank that provides running time of over 9 hours at full output.

A pull starter is included for emergency in case of battery failure and a DC output of 12V @8.3A is a standard feature, which can be used for external vehicle battery charging.

The product’s weight is 99kg and noise level is 89db.

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