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D-Aegis Software roll out anti-spreading system for information and application security

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D-AEGIS ANTI-SPREADING SYSTEM (DASS), available from D-Aegis Software , creates a safe work environment (D-Aegis Desktop) on MS-Windows and provides protection of information and applications for enterprises.

In the D-Aegis Desktop, all applications, the network resources and the accessible server resources are restricted by DASS policies. All data which is created in the D-Aegis Desktop will be saved in and cannot be taken out without authorisation.

DASS also protects the existing enterprise’s application servers. Only the D-Aegis Desktop has permission to access the servers. This is to minimise the risk of access to the servers from unsafe terminals.

Supports any type file:

The interface of DASS is similar to MS-Windows. Users do not need to spend time to learn how to use it.
Users do not need to upgrade their existing hardware
Provides long lasting protection from the beginning of computer start up until shut down
Solves the problem of lost information and leakage, both internal and external
Data cannot be leaked or made public; even if it laptop or hard disk is lost
Provides protection from viruses and Trojans
Connects to the existing system and provides existing application system protection

Companies can design:

Product information
Production techniques
Company plans, finance information, contracts
Government work plans, budgets, layouts, key documents
Military plans, archives and documents, budgets
Education, science research institution research achievements experimental documents, thesis
Financial organisation deal information, account information, client files
Medical and insurance client files, insurance demands and requirements

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