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Design services available from Cyntila

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Hardware design, Software design and FPGA design constitute the range of design services offered by Cyntila . There are various hardware components used by Cyntila in the design and development of a product including various processors, FPGA, optical components and digital and analogue circuitry. The hardware design service available from Cyntila includes requirements analysis, architecture design, schematic design, component sourcing, PCB design services, prototype manufacture, prototype testing and verification, mechanical design and standards compliance testing.

There are various challenges faced while designing hardware such as cost targets¸ multiple source components, component life and availability issues, high speed digital design issues, signal integrity, layout issues, EMC issues, environmental and safety issues, design for test and design for manufacture; Cyntila designs and develops hardware addressing these challenges.

There are various real-time and application software designed and developed for embedded products by Cyntila. Cyntila also undertakes design and development of FPGA and the service of Cyntila covers all phases of the FPGA development cycle. There are various modules such as requirement analysis, architecture, design, synthesis / timing closure, verification and targeting. included in the FPGA designing done by Cyntila. 

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