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Steel strapping tools from Cyklop Secura

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Cyklop Secura  currently known as Cyklop Australia is a distributor of a wide range of steel strapping tools. F1319 tensioner / S13-19 sealer, MIP1300 tensioner / S 13-19 sealer and MIP1400 tensioner / MIP 19-32 sealer are the manual steel strapping tools offered by Cyklop Secura for flat surfaces. For round surfaces and small packs, Cyklop Secura offers the manual steel strapping tools such as CP1319 tensioner, CR4 tensioner and MIP1620 tensioner.

There are sealless manual steel strapping tools available from Cyklop Secura including CH47 and ZL series tools. The ZL series tools, ZL 25, ZL 31 and ZL 90 offered by Cyklop Secura includes easy to use reverse locking system. Cyklop Secura’s ZL series tools provide added protection against the loosening or unlocking of the sealless connection in either direction. All the ZL series tools are designed to be used with standard or high tensile steel strap.

There are various pneumatic tensioning and sealing tools available from Cyklop Secura for applications including round and small packages. Cyklop Secura’s CR25A which includes topmounted or rear mounted compressed air inlet, tensions seals and cuts using metal seals. CR24A, pneumatic tensioning and sealing tool, supplied by Cyklop Secura includes universal swivelling suspension bow ideal for strapping stations. The CR24A tensions, seals and cuts using metal seals.

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