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Cyklop Secura supplies material handling systems for strapping industry

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Cyklop Australia is the new name of Cyklop Secura and the company is a subsidiary of the Cyklop International Group. Cyklop Secura distributes a diverse range of specialty material handling systems and products for the strapping industry. The production, installation and technical support services offered by Cyklop Secura for material handling systems conforms to the Australian and New Zealand Quality Assurance Standard 9002-1994.

Cyklop Secura offers a wide range of strapping equipment ranging from simple hand tools to fully automatic machines that are custom designed and manufactured. Cyklop offers a wide range of packing room supplies which are used to pack and despatch products to customers.

Cyklop Secura’s industrial packaging product range includes bubblewrap with bubble slit of 10, 20, 30 millimetres or perforated type bubblewrap. There is a wide range of bubblewrap dispensers available from Cyklop Secura. Cyklop Secura also offers bubble protector bags. Cyklop Secura’s protector bags have the features of heavy duty, light weight and moisture resistant ends.

There are various types of corner protection available from the product range of Cyklop Secura including plastic, metal, cardboard, brackets and lengths.

Cyklop Secura also supplies packaging tapes for various applications and general packaging, masking, sealing duct, filament, strapping and gummed paper are some of the applications.

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