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New version DC powered switch available from Cutter Electronics

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article image 2717 DC powered switch

Marquardt represented by Cutter Electronics has released new DC powered switch, the 2717.

The 2717 switch represents a technological quantum leap with much greater performance within an ergonomically smaller package.

The 2717 switch meets and exceeds the demands placed upon it by high-performance devices and applications with a life endurance, functional safety and reliability.

Due to a revolutionary architecture, this switch has a reduced size and weight which allows for ergonomic handle solutions.

This architecture also provides good impact and vibration tolerance and a thermal load capacity which is 30% better than previous switches. These facts speak for themselves, and make this switch ideal for your high-demand, and high-quality applications.

After years of intensive development, the technology within the 2717 switch provides a solution that can easily meet the demanding requirements of prospective power tools and other DC applications.

A challenge for any switch is the dissipation of heat generated from the switch electronics specifically the MOSFET and free-wheeling diode.

With its team of highly experienced and innovative design engineers, Marquardt has designed a switch that both rapidly dissipates heat while also tolerating violent impacts or vibrations.

This is due to a patented architecture that has all the electronics mounted on a single and sturdy, copper-based circuit board.

Heat generated from either the MOSFET or diode is then dissipated directly through the circuit board, and on through the external heat-sink.

As a result, the 2717 switch is approved 24V / 25A and has the potential for much higher rating qualifications.

For safety, Marquardt has designed a lock-off feature that both locks the trigger from being depressed under high forces, while also disconnecting the electronics from the motor. This feature is incorporated within the forward and reverse selection lever, which provides a lock-off at the centre position.

Additional features are also available from the 2717 switch. These features include full support for lithium-ion batteries, external work lights (LEDs) and all-electronic architectures that have no bypass contacts.

The advantages:

  • Approved rating of 24V / 25A (higher ratings possible with further testing)
  • Compact dimensions (switch body 27.5 x 19 x 44.5mm)
  • 30% higher thermal load capacity than previous solutions
  • Integrated brake system for quick motor stops
  • High impact and vibration tolerance
  • High tolerance for blocking/back current
  • Safe and reliable forward/lock/reverse module
  • Highly effective dust protection
  • Intense mechanical and electrical life endurance
  • Solder or plug connections (6.3 x 0.8mm)
  • Optional trigger designs
  • Optional connections for LED light sub-assembly
  • Optional support for lithium-ion batteries
  • Single-pole normally open contact switch with integrated electronic variable speed control (PWM)
  • Integrated forward/lock/reverse module
  • Integrated brake system, for quick motor stops
  • Dust protected
  • Duty cycle 15...75 % of motor voltage, then bypassing to full battery power
  • Electrical rating (R198 UL) 24 V / 25 A
  • DC voltage range 12 V - 24 V
  • Mechanical life endurance variable speed 200 000 cycles
  • Forward/reverse 25 000 cycles
  • Electrical life endurance variable speed 100 000 cycles
  • Forward/reverse 25 000 cycles
  • Contacts Ag
  • Heat sink Cu
  • Actuator and housing PA
  • Contact resistance < 4 mOhm (with by-pass contact)
  • Connections solder lugs on the battery and motor side
  • Optional flat connectors on the battery and motor side
  • Approval marks r 25 A 12 - 24 V DC R 198 UL

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