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New reference design kits from Cutter Electronics

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Luminary Micro, represented by Cutter Electronics has introduced two new reference design kits that can jumpstart the customers’ designs: RDK-STEPPER for stepper motor control and RDK-ACIM for AC Induction motor control.

The Stellaris Stepper Motor Reference Design Kit (RDK) contains all the necessary hardware and software for the customer to design, develop, and integrate stepper motor applications, including those for two- and three-axis CNC equipment, sorting and grading equipment, specialised printers and scanners, and factory automation.

The Stepper RDK contains Luminary Micro’s new feature-rich Stellaris LM3S617 microcontroller designed for motion control applications, a Fairchild Semiconductor power stage consisting of Fairchild’s FAN73832 HVIC Driver and FDMS3672 MOSFET, a NEMA23 stepper motor, a graphical control program for Windows, and accompanying cables, source code, and documentation.

The Stepper RDK takes advantage of the integrated features of the Stellaris microcontroller and the processing power of the ARM Cortex-M3 core to implement software-based chopper control without the need for an external step controller or comparator circuits. The graphical control program allows experimenting with varying drive parameters and observing the effect on motor performance.

The Stepper Reference Design Kit includes the following product features:

  • Software-based chopper control to operate high-torque steppers at high step rates
  • Fast and slow decay modes
  • Full step and half step modes
  • High step rates up to 10,000 steps/sec
  • Programmable holding current
  • Virtual COM port through integrated USB
  • Support for external debugger through standard 20-pin ARM header
  • Easy power and motor connection using pluggable terminal blocks
  • Bootloader for firmware upgrades over serial port.

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