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Luminary Micro wins four industry media awards in 2006 for Stellaris family of microcontrollers

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Luminary Micro represented by Cutter Electronics, a fabless semiconductor company that designs, markets, and sells ARM Cortex-M3 processor-based microcontrollers and was the first to bring ARM processor-based MCUs for $1.00 to embedded developers has released that the company closed 2006 with four industry media awards for its Stellaris family of microcontrollers, a silicon implementation of the ARM Cortex-M3 processor core.

The awards are:

  • Electronic Design, Technology of the Year;
  • EDN, Hot 100 Products;
  • EETimes/eeProductCenter, Q1 2006 Ultimate Product and finalist for 2006 Ultimate Product of the Year ; and
  • Embedded

Computing Design, Editors’ Choice Award

Penton Media’s Electronic Design proclaimed Luminary Micro as one of two companies that really defined the trend of both a low-cost microcontroller, and high-value development kit. EETimes and eeProductCenter (CMP Media) loved Stellaris’s 32-bits for a buck.

Embedded Computing Design (Open Systems Publishing) also praised Luminary Micro for bringing high-performance 32-bit computing to embedded microcontroller applications at a cost equivalent to legacy 8- and 16-bit devices by awarding them with their Editor’s Choice Awards, impressing them with the wide range of peripherals that Stellaris boasts.

And finally, EDN (Reed Business Information) loved Stellaris’s deterministic interrupts and tool support enough to name it one of the Hot 100 products of 2006, heralding the single MCU as having enough power to combine functions that users might previously have embedded in a sensor-interface microcontroller and a separate microcontroller.

EETimes has listed Stellaris MCUs as one of eight finalists for the 2006 Ultimate Product of the Year award; Luminary Micro is the only startup to be named a finalist and the company is younger than all other nominees by more than a decade.

According to Luminary Micro, embedded systems developers simply prefer the ARM architecture. ARM processors are currently shipping at a rate of greater than 2.5 billion processors per year, and the ARM ecosystem of silicon, tools, software, hardware, systems, and support is available.

The Stellaris family of MCUs provides the architectural compatibility that designers want, coupled with the price and performance that embedded applications need.

Luminary Micro gained international attention with its first Stellaris product announcement in March 2006 as ARM’s lead partner for the newly designed Cortex-M3 microprocessor, both for ARM’s selection of a start-up as its lead partner and also for the expectations surrounding the first core designed specifically for microcontrollers. Since then, Luminary Micro has ended 2006 with 19 Stellaris products in the distribution pipeline, all earning design wins from customers.

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