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Cutter Electronics releases AAT1230/1230-1 boost converter

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Advanced Analogic Technologies represented by Cutter Electronics has released the AAT1230/1230-1. The AAT1230/1230-1 is a high frequency, high efficiency boost converter capable of 18V maximum output voltage. The internal power switch can deliver 100mA load current. AAT1230/1230-1 is the ideal power solution to power OLED, LCD, and CCD applications operating from a single cell lithium-ion battery.

Hysteretic control provides up to 2MHz switching frequency and fast response to load transients with small, low-cost external components. The fully integrated control IC simplifies the design while reducing the total PCB footprint. The AAT1230/1230-1 offers a true load disconnect feature, which isolates the load from the power source when EN/SET is pulled low. This eliminates leakage current and maintains zero voltage at the output while disabled.

The output voltage can be dynamically set by activating one of two reference levels (FB1 or FB2) through the SEL logic pin. Optionally, AnalogicTech’s Simple Serial Control (S2Cwire) single wire interface provides dynamic programmability across a wide output voltage range through the EN/SET pin.

The AAT1230/1230-1 are available in a Pb-free, thermally-enhanced 16-pin 3x4mm TDFN low-profile package or a Pb-free 12-pin TSOPJW package.

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