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Cree LEDs from Cutter Electronics light the Olympics

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Cree LED technology represented by Cutter Electronics have lightened the key venues at Beijing for Olympic Games. Two of the notable installations are in ‘the Bird’s Nest', the National Stadium and ‘the Water Cube’, the National Aquatic Center.

At Water Cube, the National Aquatic Center, Cutter Electronics have approximately used over 496,000 Cree XLamp LEDs in red, green and blue to illuminate the exterior of the water cube. The water cube is made of 3000 bubbles each with the ability to display millions of different colours. The water cube displays different colour pattern each evening.

These patterns are computer-controlled. The water cube is programmed to display different coloured designs, including ones inspired by themes such as blooming flowers, rainy day and night at the disco. Modules of 8 to16 LEDs are integrated into the four walls and the roof of the steel structure. Each module is designed to focus the light on the individual bubbles.

The water cube design was inspired by soap bubbles. The bubbles are made of 100,000 square meters of plastic that was originally developed to provide insulation for airplanes. Each of the 3000 bubbles in the water cube can resist the weight of a car. A piece of the 0.008-inch material can hold up to 300 times its own weight.

The water cube bubbles trap more heat than glass, reducing total energy requirements by 30 percent. This is the equivalent of mounting solar panels on the roof. After the games, the water cube is to be converted into a multi-functional facility for sports, culture and recreation, including a cafe and a waterslide.

Cutter Electronics have approximately used over 258,000 Cree XLamp LEDs at the Bird's Nest exterior providing dramatic lighting effects. The colours of the exterior lights on the bird's nest consist of white, amber and red. LEDs were used for their pure and bright light. Cree LEDs are also used in two installations inside of the bird's nest; in the video screen behind the main stage, and in the LED scroll lighting up the floor during the opening ceremony.

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