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CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ RTOS available from Cutter Electronics

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CMX Systems has released CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ RTOS for Luminary Micro’s, represented in ANZ by Cutter Electronics , Stellaris Microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M3 micro controller core. Luminary Micro is ARM’s lead partner for the Cortex-M3 core and is the first company to bring ARM for $1.00 to embedded developers. Luminary Micro currently offers a popular family of 19 Stellaris 32-bit Microcontrollers at 8- and 16-bit prices.

CMX has expanded its micro controller support by introducing CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ support for the Stellaris Cortex-M3 family. According to CMX Systems, CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ provides a truly preemptive, multi-tasking operating system for accelerating development capabilities of designers using Stellaris Microcontrollers. With its broad array of kernel services and extremely small footprint, CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ allow faster application development and easier hardware utilisation for Stellaris developers.

CMX-RTX RTOS supports several 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit Microcontrollers and DSPs. CMX-RTX RTOS offers small footprint, fast context switch times, and low interrupt latency periods of any commercial RTOS available today. RTOS functionality provided in CMX-RTX includes support for: tasks, messages, queues, system, events, memory, resource, semaphores, timers, interrupts and optional kernel aware debugging. ROM requirements are approximately 1.5K minimum to 4.5K maximum.

The CMX-Tiny+ real time multi-tasking operating system is a lean and mean kernel for those processors that have a small amount of RAM embedded on the processor’s silicon (minimum of 512 bytes and higher.) This unique RTOS, based on a scaled down version of the popular CMX-RTX, retains the power of CMX-RTX as well as the more frequently used functions. ROM requirements are approximately 1K minimum to 3K maximum.

According to Luminary Micro, CMX Systems is a recognised leader in providing RTOS products for high-performance embedded Microcontrollers.

The introduction of CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ for the Stellaris Cortex-M3 family provides designers with expanded capability and flexibility for real-time applications using Stellaris Microcontrollers.

Both CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ also integrate with the CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack for those applications requiring networking connectivity. CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ also feature full source code, no royalties, and technical support and updates with every purchase. CMX-RTX and CMX-Tiny+ are available from CMX Systems and its distributors.

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