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AAT1275 power management IC from Cutter Electronics

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Advanced Analogic Technologies' represented by Cutter Electronics has released AAT1275 power management IC. The AAT1275 combines a regulated, 5-volt, 500-mA boost converter and a current-limiting load switch to simplify the development of host USB ports in portable systems powered from a single-cell lithium-ion battery.

According to the product line director, as a growing number of smart phones and other handheld devices operating off a single-cell lithium-ion battery add higher levels of processing power and begin to serve as central computing platforms, users are demanding connectivity to other peripheral devices.

By integrating a boost converter with a current-limiting load switch, the AAT1275 allows designers to boost voltage and provide the protection needed to simply and efficiently host a USB port on the new computing-intensive convergent portable systems.

Operating from a 2.7- to 5-volt input, the AAT1275 supports both USB 2.0 host port and USB On-The-Go operation. The AAT1275 can be programmed to host lower-current USB ports to save power or to support applications that require a current-limited 5-volt supply. To minimise leakage current, the AAT1275 adds its true load disconnect feature, which isolates the load from the power source when the AAT1275 is off.

Working at 2 MHz, the boost converter boasts an efficiency of greater than 90 percent across a wide load range. The AAT1275 features over-temperature and over-current protection and inrush current limiting. The AAT1275, in a Pb-free, 2.75-by-3 mm, 12-pin TSOPJW or 16-pin TDFN34 package and rated for operation over -40 to +85°C.

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