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600 Lumen LED light bulb upgrade available from Cutter Electronics

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TerraLUX, represented by Cutter Electronics has announced a 600 Lumen LED light bulb upgrade which replaces the standard incandescent bulb in Maglite D cell flashlights.

The TLE-300 upgrade fits into and converts a Maglite flashlight with 4, 5 or 6 D cell batteries into a bright LED flashlight.

TerraLUX uses three of the latest Luxeon K2 flip chip high powered bright LEDs to make this performance possible.

The light output of the TLE-300 is greater than a conventional 50 watt MR-16 halogen light bulb. The TLE-300 will be available to upgrade other flashlight manufacturer’s products in the near future.

“Now that a Maglite owner can upgrade his or her flashlight with the affordable TLE-300, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end, so called tactical flashlights. Anyone can upgrade their inexpensive, high-quality Mag Instruments product and enjoy an extraordinary, bright, portable, energy saving product” says Carl Kalin, VP of marketing and sales at TerraLUX.

TerraLUX designs and manufactures TerraLUX LED Light Engines to serve a variety of applications ranging from upgrading Maglite flashlights to surgical instruments like laryngoscopes and dental headlamps.

These improvements replace existing incandescent bulbs with high efficiency, maintenance-free, pure white light.

Markets currently serviced by TerraLUX LED light engines include industrial, medical, dental, automotive and hardware.

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