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Glass reinforced polymer bolts available from Cutabolt

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Glass reinforced polymer (GRP) bolts that are suitable for full encapsulation, point anchoring and post grouting are available from Cutabolt . Cutabolt also supplies bearing plates suitable for use with GRP bolts. DupaDowel offered by Cutabolt is an injection moulded polymer bolt suitable for rib control. Cutabolt supplies XTNDA bolt which is an extruded polyethylene bolt that ‘absorbs’ initial stress while maintaining rib integrity.

HD Bolt - High Density GRP Rib Bolt available from Cutabolt is a cuttable rib reinforcement system that minimises contamination of the products. Two types of bolts are supplied by Cutabolt namely TP25/20 and TP20/20 bolts. These are pultruded fibreglass and polymer bolts suitable for general applications. CT30T/22 and CT40T/25 bolts are pultruded fibreglass bolts having a high tensile strength. These provide long lasting support in civil applications and are suitable for high stress areas of coal rib.

Cutabolt’s Cutamesh is a glass reinforced polymer (fibreglass) mesh suitable for cuttable rib support and reinforcing concrete. Cutamesh has the features of high strength to weight ratio; can be readily cut by conventional mining machinery; is highly resistant to corrosion; rigid enough to be handled as sheets rather than rolls and is highly flexible hence confirms to even irregular surfaces.

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