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New version of Tigerpaw management software

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Tigerpaw Software, a leading developer of business management software released Tigerpaw CRM+ version 10.5. Tigerpaw's officials confirmed that the new version, including four powerful new features, would be offered as a free upgrade for existing version 10 clients.

Tigerpaw CRM+ version 10.5 adds, among other enhancements, service order escalation, time slips, quicksale, and managed services integrator to the venerable CRM, service, and inventory control application.

Tigerpaw called the release a proactive effort to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its user base.

Most software companies freeze a product at its release, Tigerpaw prefers to be more flexible, which allows it to release features beyond what’s been promised, providing its customers with more value and better ROI.

According to Customer Centric Solutions, in a market where CRM offerings are abundant, Tigerpaw CRM+ stands out as one of the true end-to-end solutions. Carrying on from the 2005 release of CRM+ version 10, version 10.5 opens up enormous potential for Customer Centric Solutions and its customers.

Version 10.5 allows the user to orchestrate the escalation of service orders based on a set of configurable parameters. The service order escalation function takes advantage of Tigerpaw CRM+ workflow notifications to inform necessary personnel of outstanding service issues. Available parameters include priority specifications, response time, and warning threshold.

Also included in the new version, Time Slips, an outgrowth of Tigerpaw’s long-treasured time logs feature, is designed to facilitate payroll information. Unlike time logs, time slips are not attached to service orders. They incorporate Tigerpaw’s well-known filtering capabilities for viewing real-time snapshots and generating key operational reports.

The new QuickSale feature enables Tigerpaw clients to more efficiently serve their walk-in customers by allowing them to bypass the traditional quote-and-fill procedure and proceed directly to point-of-sale invoicing. QuickSale integrates with CRM+ inventory control, so counts remain accurate.

QuickSale feature includes rapid account call-up, keyboard shortcuts, optimization for barcode scanning, automatic fill, and discounting functionality.

Additionally, Tigerpaw CRM+ version 10.5 includes managed services integrator. This new feature connects managed services functionality with service order and workflow capabilities, enabling MSPs to deliver what Tigerpaw officials termed richly enhanced customer service. Through integration with popular managed services software, such as solutions offered by Level Platforms, SilverBack Technologies and N-able Technologies, this feature provides incoming email monitoring and routing, automated service order generation, technician notification, and comprehensive logging and archiving.

According to Tigerpaw, its ongoing mission is to keep providing its customers with state-of-the-art tools to automate and improve their operations and version 10.5 is another step forward in that direction, making the users’ lives easier and their companies more profitable

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