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Single-reduction SAI motors available from Custom Fluidpower

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Moving away from multi-reduction to single-reduction saves mechanical inefficiency and provides a better cost efficient solution. Instead of using multistage drives, Sai motor and single reduction can be used as it increases efficiency.

Case Study

A customer wanted a replacement drive for his machine. The current system used a multi stage reduction hub (19.8:1 reduction) at 90 degrees. The 90 degree unit had been selected in part because it kept the unit inside the frame of the machine.

The motor driving this was an Orbital type motor. Each stage uses power to drive, an inline planetary box has a power loss of 3% while a 90 degree reduction has a loss of 7%. This gave us a gear box inefficiency of 13% added to this was the inefficiency of the motor. This gave us an overall inefficiency of 42%.

By changing this to a single stage planetary reduction with a SAI motor, inefficiency was reduced to 14.5% which meant the size of the motor can be reduced and also the amount of heat in the system. This produced a better system for the customer in terms of both cost and power.

Custom Fluid Power  is the Australian distributor of SAI crankshaft design radial piston motors. The main characteristics of crankshaft design radial piston motors are high mechanical efficiency, especially at start up, and high volumetric efficiency.

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