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MDG41 Compliant Hydraulic Training, now available from Custom Fluid Power

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Custom Fluid Power , one of Australia’s leading hydraulic solutions providers, is now a Registered Training Organisation providing accredited fluid power training based on current industry practices.

In the past decade, the fluid power industry has experienced a high level of change with the fast progression of technology and modern applications.  This has resulted in difficulties for traditional fluid power training organisations in staying current regarding industry practices, component knowledge and qualified resources.

This lag, combined with the growing problem of many experienced hydraulic experts retiring or approaching retirement age, has resulted in a knowledge gap in the fluid power industry, a gap which Custom Fluidpower can now successfully fill.

The hydraulic industry involves people coming into contact with potentially dangerous scenarios on a daily basis, with 3.5% of all workplace deaths being related to fluid power.   The industry should command the same level of training available to other trade industries such as electricity.

Custom Fluidpower has put their hundreds of hours of accumulated knowledge towards developing training packages that meet current industry best practice, are aligned to national standards and are MDG41 compliant.

These fluid power training packages cater for a range of skill levels, from those new to the industry, through to apprentices and engineers.

The courses are practical and are designed around the workplace, relating to jobs that are performed on a daily basis, with assessment of competency based on performance of actual tasks and underpinned by knowledge ensuring the task is completed to meet the relevant standards.

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