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article image TF 1.5 hydraulic motor

Sai has released new market ready products including an advanced new generation hydraulic motor with 250 kW as peak power and a weight of only 300kg.

TF 1.5 - Seven piston design, fixed displacement hydraulic motor.

The seven piston design allows to get a higher continue torque thus higher power transmission stability.

The TF 1.5 can reach up to 450 cc/rev as maximum nominal displacement, 1500 rpm as maximum speed, 420 bar as maximum pressure and 80 kW as peak power.

TF 1.5’s case is composed of three parts in order to guarantee modularity and lightness.

  • Description: Seven piston design, fixed displacement hydraulic motor.
  • Motor Code: TF 1.5
  • Weight: 57.5kg
  • Power: max kW 75
  • Data sheet: 070766.1P


GM7 is advanced new generation hydraulic motor, round shape motor type completely interchangeable with SAI L7, distributor 250 standard.

GM7 reaches up 450 bar of peak pressure, 4300 cc/rev as maximum displacement, and 250 kW as peak power and with a weight of only 300 kg.

  • Description: Fixed displacement motor
  • Motor Code: GM7
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Power: max kW 250
  • Data sheet: 080869.1P


Dual displacement motor type: BD series with the five cylinder crankshaft design radial piston hydraulic motor.

Change of motor displacement is achieved by changing the stroke of the crankshaft: min. 20 bar—max—30 bar pilot pressure. BD6 can reach up to 3000-760 cc/rev min. of nominal displacement.

  • Description: Dual displacement motor
  • Motor Code: BD6
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Power: max kW 210
  • Data sheet: 070765.1P

Sai hydraulic motors are available from Custom Fluid Power .

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