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High Country Tek (HCT) fan drive controllers, from Custom Fluidpower

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It is possible to achieve a return on investment in a matter of months for a complete electro-hydraulic system with High Country Tek (HCT) fan drive controllers, from Custom Fluidpower .

The HCT hydraulic fan system (HFS) controllers suit most types of cooling applications and enable increased productivity by utilising available engine horse power for work instead of cooling. This results in a fuel consumption saving of 10-20% for mobile, marine or industrial applications.

Suitable applications for the HCT HFS controllers:

  • Bus cooling
  • Agricultural machines
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Above ground mining equipment
The HFS controllers optimise fan speed control relative to temperature requirements and include a controller to expand the existing system functionality.

They operate with all OEM electro-hydraulic equipment and are suitable for new OEM build or repower, retro-fit, or upgrade applications and are available as an on-road or off-road suitable mechanical package.

Their transient suppression design and specification make them suitable for use on all mobile equipment. They are also suitable for engines or systems with or without J1939 capability. The HFS controllers are sealed and protected to >IP68 (NEMA 6P) and have unique ‘solid’ potting with flame retardant materials.

The HFS controllers feature a pre-written graphical user interface for all modules and include SAE-J1939 and RS232 serial communication and they have a pre-written Windows software application, ready for user values.

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