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Electronic winch stop kits available from Custom Fluid Power

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The electronic winch stop kit, available from Custom Fluid Power , is designed to offer additional control for safety operation of a hydraulic lifting winch. It can be fitted with minimal alteration to an existing hydraulic control.

A proportional electro-valve controls the pilot line on the service corresponding to the directional valve of the hydraulic motor for the winch. The objective is to stop the winch at a desired position independent of the operator. Once this position is set, the winch stops during the lifting operation protecting the mechanical assembly and offering additional safety to the operator.

The position of the winch is detected with an encoder. The encoder is multi-turn absolute and does not require a setting during start-up. The position is transmitted through a cable to a decoder.

The PLC is connected to the decoder on one analogue input. The signal is processed by the PLC continuously. The analogue output card sends a 0 to 10V signal to a solenoid with integrated electronics. According to the signal conditioned by the PLC the solenoid controls a SUN proportional hydraulic cartridge valve. The valve controls the pressure in the pilot line to the directional valve.

Electronic Components DiagramSSI Signal Gray CodeEncoder Multi-turn AbsoluteIV2510-10V signal over 60 turnsMicroLogix1100 + Analogue Output CardIntegrated Amplifier Solenoid0-10V Command SignalPanel View with touch screen parameters are available.

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