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Custom Fluidpower to distribute LSM desiccant breathers

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The hydraulic oil reservoir of a system does not only act as a storage facility for the systems fluid, but also acts as a contamination buffer zone. The reservoir has a volume of air available on top of the oil, to allow for volume changes but to assist in the cooling of the hydraulic oil.

Every time the oil passes through the hydraulic reservoir, whether this is for transferring, filter of the hydraulic oil or through general production activity, it is exposed to moisture. The free air volume on top of the oil, while being a necessity, if not kept dry, can seriously degrade the condition of oil.

Volume changes and temperature fluctuations are the main contributors for moisture introduction into the system. The moisture contaminates hydraulic oil reservoirs, reducing the effectiveness of the machinery and shortening the life of the hydraulic oil.

A shorter hydraulic oil life means higher service and maintenance costs, along with higher purchasing costs due to increased replacement.

Custom Fluid Power , an innovative Hydraulics company in Australia, is soon to become the National distributor of LSM desiccant breathers.

The breathers feature a 3 micron filter and also incorporate the use of silica gel to prevent moisture from entering a hydraulic oil reservoir, thus increasing the life of hydraulic oil.

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