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A range of products available from Hillmar

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Due to Hillmar’s unique engineering expertise, Hillmar can meet even high standards for safety, quality and performance. The ability to customise standard products to match customer requirements has made Hillmar one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Hillmar produces an extensive product range, which allows for the total tailoring of any solution including:

Industrial disc brakes: Are available in both foot mount and side mount configurations, and all standard callipers are spring or hydraulically actuated. Storm brakes: Hillmar's storm brake product line includes rail clamps, rail brakes, wheel brakes, thruster operated wheel chocks and thruster operated rail brakes. Each product is conveniently available in a large variety of mounting configurations and may be spring, fluid pressure or manually actuated. The products are used on several types of track-mounted machinery.

Thrusters / thruster disc brakes: Hillmar Industries thruster product line gives Hillmar the unique ability to service its thruster disc brakes and storm brakes with products designed, tested, and warranted by the manufacturer himself. This gives Hillmar a competitive advantage in such products, and going forward is enabling Hillmar to become a world leader in the design and development of thruster operated products.

Cable reels and accessories

Hillmar is currently a large storm brake company in the world, and equal third large in both cable reels and disc brake products. Hillmar has extensive experience and has designed solutions for applications in:

High speed container cranes
Ship loaders / unloaders 
Conveyor systems
Mining equipment
Stacker reclaimers
Marine and offshore applications
Turbine and slewing

Hillmar has had over 25 years experience in manufacturing storm brakes, with over 12000 units worldwide, and has 10 years of experience in disc brakes, and has sold over 3500 HSV and HCB series units worldwide.

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