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Emergency power system from Cummins for 126 Phillip Street

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When Sydney’s landmark office tower opened in September 2005, Cummins Power Generation ensured that Deutsch Bank along with a number of the city’s leading legal firms had efficient emergency power system available in the event of a power outage.

The building known as 126 Phillip Street is a radical departure from traditional office design and operation.

126 Phillip Street utilises two Cummins Power Generation 1760DQKD generator sets, each producing 1760 kWe, complete with PowerCommand Control digital paralleling equipment.

The Power Generation 1760DQKD generators are powered by Cummins 60-litre QSK60 engines, which are fed with diesel from a 100,000-litre tank. This is enough capacity for the generators to run at full load for two days.

According to Cummins, a major feature of the Cummins Power Generation 1760DQKD gensets is that they can accept full load in one step. This will allow the building to come back on-line much quicker after a power outage.

Another feature of the emergency power system at 126 Phillip Street is the mains paralleling which allows seamless transfer of the building loads back to the mains supply. This means there is no power interruption from generator supply to mains supply after a power outage, so there is no impact whatsoever on building services and computer systems that is a huge benefit, particularly during business hours.

This feature is provided by the PowerCommand DMC300 Master Controller, which immediately responds to a power outage by starting the generators and changing the building load over to emergency power in a fast and responsive manner.

The DMC300 also monitors the building load and provides 16 levels of load control for over 80 different load points to ensure the system precisely meets the building load demands.

The Power Command DMC300 also provides a full system test function (SCTT), which allows the generators to be regularly exercised with the true building loads without interruptions to the building power supply. The Power Command DMC300 also eliminates the need for a load bank in other parts of the system.

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