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Cummins Power Generation install on-site power systems at Seven Network Digital Broadcasting Centre

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Cummins Power Generation  provide power generation systems, power generation distribution and also services in standby and auxiliary power in mobile applications.
Large businesses opt for on-site power systems to serve as standby power and also to control the overall energy costs. These power systems are set up to run parallel with the local utility to take advantage of utility incentive programmes.

Every component of the power system, generator sets, digital paralleling equipment, automatic transfer switches and monitoring systems are designed and manufactured by Cummins Power Generation to work seamlessly and provide 24X7 reliability. The Power Command system features fault-tolerant, distributed logic design that enhances system reliability and eliminates single points of failure.

Cummins Power Generation supplied standby power to the Seven Network digital broadcasting centre in Melbourne by providing total contract management of the project and connecting the two generator sets to the main CitiPower electrical grid. In addition, this project was seen as an opportunity by CitiPower, Melbourne’s CBD power supplier, to improve reliability of electricity supply during summer when the demand for air-conditioning is at its peak.

Cummins Power Generation’s contract management of the project included:

  • Supply and installation of the generators
  • Noise and emission control measures
  • Installation of three reactors
  • Myriad procedures, which required working closely with building and electrical contractors, Seven Network project staff and project consultants Norman Disney & Young (NDY).

System operation:
The two diesel generators are 1120DFLC units using Cummins KTA50 engines, producing 2MW of 240/415V power in the event of mains failure, allowing 40 hours of continuous operation with a fuel supply of 22,000 litres. Cummins Power Generation (DMC300/2N) master control system with a paralleling switchboard has been installed so that in the event of power failure, both the generators start up, attaining full speed and power. The main switchboard at the Seven Network then transfers from main power to emergency.

In export parallel mode, both the generators, initiated by CitiPower, will start, parallel and then synchronise with the utility mains. Once the export circuit breaker installed in the Cummins Power Generation switchboard closes the generators ramp up to 2MW and transfer the power from the generators into the main CitiPower utility grid.

Seven Network have access to the generators for 30 minutes of testing every week, and exports the power generated to offset its own power usage cost with CitiPower. During the commissioning of the generators by Cummins Power Generation, extensive testing was required to prove the efficiency of the system.

The air intake and exhaust discharge systems in the generator room at Seven Network are acoustically designed and built to reduce the noise level to only 65dBA at 1m. In addition, the exhaust systems incorporate self-cleaning soot filters that remove up to 90% of particulates and act as catalytic converters to reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons significantly.

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