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BassGas project uses Cummins gas engine generator sets

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Five Cummins gas engine generator sets, each capable of providing 1.4 MW of power, will be commissioned during June at the BassGas project in Victoria.

The gas engine generator sets and a smaller diesel set will power the BassGas on-shore processing facility at Lang Lang, two hours south-east of Melbourne.

Cummins South Pacific's Energy Solutions Business supplied the generators, control systems and other plant, including the giant acoustic canopies.

The power station will operate in island mode only, powering the site equipment. The gas-powered sets are provided for the continuous load, which is expected to be around 5.5 MW.

A Cummins QST30-powered diesel generator with a 640 kW capacity is also being provided for black start purposes.

The 1.4 MW gas engine generator sets feature large Cummins lean-burn QSV81 engines that are 81-litre, 16-cylinder, spark-ignited units with turbo charging and intercooling.

Full-authority electronic controls are an integral part of the four-stroke engine to ensure the lean-burn combustion is maintained within critical boundaries. The lean-burn technology uses a lean mix of air and fuel, results in high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

While this product is well established in the Cummins' overseas markets, the BassGas project is the first application in the South Pacific for QSV81-powered sets.

According to Cummins, this project highlights its capabilities in turnkey plant supply.

Cummins ability to provide proven gas engine generators as well as advanced ancillary equipment such as acoustic canopies and fire and gas suppression systems is an example of how the product is packaged and delivered as a complete power solution to the customer.

Commissioning engineers from Cummins Power Generation in Kent, UK, will be working with Cummins staff from Scoresby and Dandenong in Melbourne to commission the power station.

Key staff at each location that have completed the UK training courses, and operator training is also being offered to the customer.

Cummins Power Rent is providing 690V transformers, cable and load banks for the power station commissioning phase, and also to provide loads while other sections of the plant are being commissioned.

This complex job illustrates Cummins' ability to deliver the whole rental package to support major project activities from early site works through to hand-over.

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