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Adelaide terminal relies on standby power system from Cummins

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Adelaide has a new $260 million airport terminal that is designed to be all things to all travellers with international, domestic and regional flights under the one roof.

Power system reliability is critical to keep the airport functioning smoothly, and Cummins is helping ensure this is the case.

Computers, public address, flight arrival/departure monitors, security cameras, elevators, air conditioning, apron lighting and aerobridge operation are just some of the myriad of airport terminal functions relying on uninterrupted electrical service.

In the event of a power outage, the new Adelaide terminal relies on a standby power system engineered and installed by Cummins Power Generation.

According to Cummins, it is a complete turn-key system with Cummins providing the total system solution such as design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance/servicing.

The fully integrated system utilises standard Cummins PowerCommand generator sets and PowerCommand digital paralleling equipment along with a Cummins MC300 digital master control system for the two 1340 kWe gensets which are powered by Cummins 50-litre KTA50G3 engines.

Cummins also supplied two 20,000-litre underground fuel tanks, two 1000-litre day tanks, the fuel control and monitoring system and stainless steel exhaust/muffler system and inlet and discharge noise attenuators.

When there is a loss of mains power, both generators start-up, synchronise and are on-line in a sequence that takes less the 12 seconds. The 1340 kWe generators then run for a number of minutes during which time the system analyses actual load requirement.

If the load can be handled by just one of the 1340 kWe genset, the other genset is automatically shut down. If additional load is added to the system, the second 1340 kWe genset is reconnected.

The system also has peak shaving capability allowing the 1340 kWe gensets to be brought on-line during peak periods so that power consumption from the grid is reduced to lessen the impact of price spikes.

With the help of the Cummins standby power system, the new Adelaide airport terminal has become convenient for the travelling public.

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