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Return of the E Bag

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BARTTER Enterprises, one of Australia's largest poultry producers, has returned to Cryovac’s E Bag to improve quality at a cost-effective price.

Bartter national business development manager Mark Sullivan said in the past the company had packed the poultry in overwrap PVC film.

Seeking an alternative that conveyed appropriate premium packaging for quality product Bartter Enterprises sought a number of alternatives. Initially, they opted for a boat-shaped tray with the re-vamped E Bag from Cryovac.

"The new tray and bag virtually eliminated any leakage and colourful printing improved product presentation on shelf," Mr Sullivan said.

Bartters measured consumer response and trialed through supermarkets, enabling the removal of the tray all together.

"We were concerned that consumers would perceive the product as smaller if it was no longer in a tray. However, feedback indicated the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, and there was minimal negative response.

"In addition, the changes meant significant opportunities for environmentally responsible packaging, with a reduction in kerb side waste.

"From a retailer point of view, more product could be fitted on the shelf and leakage was dramatically minimised which reduced the potential of health and safety issues," he said.

Cryovac market manager Doug Milne said advances in the E Bag over the past three years had enabled customers like Bartter Enterprises to offer a cost-effective premium product to retailers.

"The E Bag's heat seal properties reduce leakage and retain the juices within the poultry. Inserted in the E Bag is a Cryovac absorption pad that captures any excess leakage. Such leakage can raise health and safety issues and damage refrigerators," he said.

"The clear film allows customers to see the product and the extensive print capability allows retailers to add their own logo, recipe ideas, safe handling procedures and nutritional analysis.

"Cryovac has continually refined the E Bag as new technologies become available. As a result the E Bag has become a viable cost-effective alternative to more traditional forms of poultry packaging," Mr Milne said.

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