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Meat pads slash exporters' costs

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MEAT processors can significantly reduce costs and maximise consumer appeal with Cryovac's new export pads, which offer greater absorbency per square metre and eliminate 'pinholing' damage to shrink bags.

The Australian-made absorbent pads are offered as an alternative to traditional soaker pads used in vacuum bags for exporters of beef and lamb.

Cryovac general manager of super absorbent products, Ralph Cottrill, said the new pads eliminated the "pinholing" effect often caused by the sharpness of polymers in the older pad products, which often punctured shrink bags during processing and transportation.

"The new Cryovac pads have specially designed polymers which result in zero pinholing in shrink bags.”

The pad is placed in the shrink bag with the meat and contains a food-approved super absorbent material, that retains all exudate from the meat.

The methodology used to create the new meat export pads, that have higher absorbency rates, means customers are also able to save money by using smaller pads, which are available in three sizes of 150mL, 250mL and 350mL.

Given that aesthetics is key to exporters' success, particularly among the lucrative Asian markets, Cryovac meat pads provide a visually appealing packaging solution that can develop sales growth.

"Japanese and Korean consumers are particularly drawn to marbled meat. These super-absorbent meat pads draw away meat purge and enhance the contrasting effect of marbled meat," Mr Cottrill said.

“Using the Australian-made pads also allows meat processors to cut inventory expenses, because they don't have to import and store large quantities at a time.”

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