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Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers from Crushing and Mining Equipment

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Crushing and Mining Equipment  design and manufacture the one of Australia’s leading vertical shaft impact crushers, the Auspactor VSI.  

This crusher offers a range of features and benefits. Despite its high capacity, it has a compact design, for which spare parts are easily obtainable. The Auspactor VSI crusher requires limited maintenance, but offers easy access to internal parts if necessary. It features adjustable rotor top protection for the included lilo rotors and has a removable cavity liner.  

There are seven models, up to 600kw, of this crusher available, which provide a high level of productivity with a comparatively low cost of operation. The crusher’s cartridge design improves reliability and offers the option to mount it on a trailer if required. Rubber mounts ensure that the machine is detached from the frame and the motor.  

The Auspactor crusher works by using a rock lined rotor to increase the speed of discharging material. After leaving the rotor, this material hits a wall of stone in the crushing chamber at a high speed. The impact cracks the material in weak places, shatters, chips or grazes it, creating a distinctive product.  

The crusher is capable of producing finely graded products and can endure materials with varying consistencies, from hard or abrasive, to fine and sticky. It is suitable for a range of applications, including manufacturing graded sands, crushing limestone and gypsum for agricultural applications, crushing raw limestone or ore to reduce its size, and crushing recycled products such as road materials, concrete and bricks.   

Crushing and Mining Equipment distribute the Auspactor VSI crusher worldwide.

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