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ROSTA tensioners now available from Crushing and Mining Equipment

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Crushing and Mining Equipment supplies a range of ROSTA tensioners, with varieties available that have been designed for the optimal tensioning of a variety of components.

ROSTA SE 11 to SE 50 tensioners, for example, are mostly used for tensioning all kinds of chain and belt drives. Featuring elastomeric inserts that are based on a high elastic natural rubber with a good shape memory, these tools are designed for applications in temperatures that range from -40°C to + 80°C.

SE-G tensioners are manufactured from zinc plated steel parts, and have been specifically designed for use in outdoor applications, such as building machines.

In addition, SE-G tools are also supplied with oil resistant synthetic inserts for applications in oily areas, like in gear boxes and crank cases.

SE-W type tensioners are equipped with heat resistant elastomeric inserts. They have been specifically developed for use in temperature ranges from 80°C to 120°C, such as belt tensioners for diesel engines or chain tensioners in driers.

Due to the characteristics of the elastomeric compound, the resulting tension pressure of SE-W tensioning tools reduces by 40 %, compared to the standard type SE and the type SE-G.

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