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Profile router bits and vee routers from Crown Tooling

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Plunging router bits, profile router bits, vee router, solid carbide finishing cutters, solid carbide roughing cutters, compression cutters and ballnose cutters constitute the range of router tools available from Crown Tooling .

The router tool and plunging router bits offered by Crowle Industies is suitable for use on overhead and C.N.C routers or similar machines where vertical plunge infeed as well as lateral feed are required. Crown Tooling’s router tool, the profile router bits is suited for production of various profiles on CNC routing machines. Some of the applications of the profile router bits manufactured by Crown Tooling are routing of profiles on medium density fibre (MDF) kitchen doors, particle boards, solid timber doors and solid timber furniture.

Vee router available from the router tool range supplied by Crown Tooling is useful in the production of vees on doors and panels and in the sign writing industry. Good surface finishing and good chip evacuation from small deep slots and grooves on CNC routers can be done using the solid carbide finishing cutters available from Crown Tooling.

Crown Tooling’s solid carbide roughing cutters are suitable for applications where rapid material removal is required. Compression cutters offered by Crown Tooling minimises chipping on both surfaces of coated or laminated board as it has both up and down spirals.

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