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article image The system avoids risks such as tripping and losing balance.

CROWN Equipment has released the Wave 50-118 work assist vehicle. It raises the operator platform to about 3m, allowing work at heights of up to 5m. It offers a load capacity of up to 90kg on the load tray and an additional 115kg on the load deck above the battery compartment.

The operator stands on a cushioned platform with padded wrap-around safety rails while the product is transported on a steel load tray. The system avoids risks such as tripping and losing balance.

The majority of lifting and maintenance tasks require two people to position materials at height. With the Wave one employee can carry out these tasks safely and quickly. The operator can safely travel at speeds of up to 6km/h, twice as fast as the average walking speed.

Its ability to drive and lift simultaneously saves time, although for safety reasons the travel speed is then reduced to 3km/h. By comparison, rolling ladders are difficult to move from one place to another and block up to 3m2 of floor space, whether they are in use or not. Loads are transported securely on the load tray or load platform and cannot be dropped accidentally, reducing the risk of product damage.

Speed, lift and lower functions as well as steering and braking are coordinated by a built-in safety system. Hand sensors ensure that the operator has both hands on the controls before the Wave will function. The control buttons for raise and lower are arranged so that they can be operated even when travelling. Foot pedals with sensors ensure that the vehicle stops all travel, lift and lower functions automatically as soon as the operator removes either foot from the pedals.

The vehicle is 750mm wide and 1525mm long, passing through standard doors and fitting in most lifts. It can turn in its own length. In rail-guided applications, such as in a small parts warehouse, it requires an aisle width of only 900mm and provides efficient use of space. In manufacturing applications it can also be used for transporting, to deliver parts to the production line, to fill shelves or retrieve products for assembly.

In retail applications it increases safety and efficiency of picking and restocking. Tasks such as inventory checks can be accomplished much quicker and signage or light bulbs can be changed in very quickly. It is a suitable service tool for housekeeping and maintenance tasks in office buildings, hotels and hospitals.

When the time comes to recharge the batteries the vehicle simply plugs into any standard 240V power outlet and the onboard charger automatically cuts out when charging is complete.

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