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article image Operator is close to load when positioning at height.

CROWN Equipment has released the TSP turret stockpicker, a turret truck designed for loading full pallets and picking single items.

It can operate in an aisle that is marginally wider that the load it can carry. It has the ability to lift up to 13m with a maximum capacity of 1360kg. The turret design allows the operator to work on both sides of the aisle without turning the truck. The operator is close to the load when pallets are being positioned above eye level. This allows for greater control and safety, obviating the need for positioning sensors.

As racks and beams deflect over time, the operator can always compensate because he or she is close to the work load. Slight load shifts can be detected immediately. Closer operating distance also means that product numbers are more easily identified, bar code scanners can be used, and inventory can be taken on high racks.

All controls for raising and lowering the compartment are at the operator's left hand. The electric steering control is light and responsive. It is automatically disconnected once the unit is safely controlled by a guidance system activated either by rails or electronic wire.

An SCR computer-interfaced hydraulic system provides control over all movements down to a fraction of a centimetre. Travel speed and direction are controlled by the right hand. The right hand also controls the horn, emergency power disconnect, and an override for preset limiting features.

An interlocking control system requires the operator's hands and feet to be in the correct position for load handling and elevation movements. Smooth travel speeds and sure braking are regulated by the height of the operator's compartment. When the compartment is raised the speed is reduced and brakes applied more gradually.

An operator display shows the driver the status of the battery, wire guidance system (if installed), and load handler positioning for clear aisle travel. It also shows the position of the side gates and parking brake and indicates when service is needed. This panel also has controls for the power seat, fan, dome light and work lights, all standard on the TSP.

Two microcomputers provide an onboard diagnostic capability, telling the driver when a specific component requires service. The TSP mast is engineered for high torsional rigidity and minimum sway with elevated loads. Four-point, non-articulated suspension provides high stability spread across the widest track.

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