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Safe stock picking at heights

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article image Stock picking at height.

CROWN Equipment's SP 3200 Series of stock pickers takes into account two imperatives faced by operators when reaching product/stock at heights: safety and speed.

At the same time, it combats a problem greatly feared by staff handling elevated stock - braking at higher elevations.

With the operator working on a control platform lifted to the necessary work height, sudden stops or movements can throw the operator off balance, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

To counter this very common problem caused by many stock picking machines in the general market, the Crown SP 3200 Series has an Elevated Braking System (EBS) to continuously monitor the truck's operator platform height and automatically adjust pressure to an appropriate braking level.

The EBS is controlled by a pedal in the platform which is released to cut traction power and activate the brakes when necessary. Electric disc brake - spring applied and electronically released - is controlled by a pedal in the platform.

The operator can also control the rate of deceleration when extended stopping distance is preferred. Smooth braking is achieved at any elevation by three force levels, determined by platform height.

Steering wheel rotation is very smooth, with the drive wheel able to rotate a full 180°.

As viewing area is also critical to providing safety and speed for the operator, Crown SP 3200 models have excellent field of view with very little obstruction - even from the mast - to allow operators to perform tasks faster and ensure pedestrian safety is not compromised.

A large platform provides room to move, and side gates are very easy to move out of the way when not required, while the platform window provides a large viewing area.

Driver console information display provides status data such as operator performance parameters, steering wheel position indicator, event and service codes, battery discharge indication, and wire guidance status.

Another key element to the safety aspects of the Crown SP 3200 Series is a unique Load Path Stability Design which evenly distributes the force of a load to give a high level of vehicle stability regardless of what is being carried.

Solid, heavy gauge steel in the truck's skirt, doors and battery cover and a heavy duty mast all amount to a substantial weight advantage.

Real time truck control, display, diagnostics and calibration is provided by an intelligent, networked control system powered by a heavy duty 24-volt electrical system.

The control system can be accessed by the Service Terminal to provide calibration of truck parameters and optional features set up. The control system is also used to extract service diagnostic and management data.

A travel system with traction control uses the GE EVT-100 microprocessor based transistor control, with smooth, quiet operation, extended battery life and component protection all being features of the system.

The SP 3200 Series has electronic power steering to provide smooth and precise operation that requires little physical effort, while the operator further benefits from the ample storage areas for portable tools.

There is also Crown's optional universal clamp system for convenient mounting of fixed tools such as RF terminals and scanning guns.

System features include a 450 amp rating, a bypass contactor, truck performance adjustability, SRO, ramp start, and diagnostics with 16 fault memory.

Features of a simplified hydraulics system include a maximum lowering speed regulated by a pressure compensating flow control valve; velocity fuses that stop lowering should the speed exceed a pre-set value due to rupture; and Crown manufactured solenoid type manifolds with built-in check and relief valves.

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