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Refurbishment centre ensures long life for lift trucks

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article image Maintain used lift trucks at Crown’s National Refurbishment Centre.

FOR most businesses the purchase of new lift trucks is expensive. Used lift trucks are a good option.

Crown Equipment recently set up a National Refurbishment Centre in Sydney to maintain the safety and reliability of its brand of used lift trucks for potential customers who cannot justify the purchase of new equipment.

Crown Equipments says they deliberately stepped into this area of the market because its research showed that far too many companies were in possession of used lift trucks of various brands that were purchased at a standard below what is considered acceptable.

There are no regulations governing used vehicles before they are sold as a second hand unit, according to Crown.

A used lift truck in poor condition can easily result in a workplace fatality and the ramifications of this can be immense.

At Crown Equipment’s National Refurbishment Centre, a 'Refurbishment Checklist' is used on all Crown units to ensure consistency in the service provided across their brand. This completed checklist is provided to all new owners.

Only Crown certified Integrity Parts are used in Crown equipment and the company has conducted exhaustive testing to show their components provide an extensive increase in life, reduced running costs and ultimately increase productivity.

Crown's National Refurbishment Centre has more than 1800m2 of factory space including a dedicated workshop with 10 bays to refurbish all types and models of lift trucks. It includes modern facilities for welding, painting and steam cleaning.

The centre is staffed by eight technicians with more than 35 years of combined lift truck experience. All have been trained in-house by Crown certified trainers.

The refurbishment centre is backed by a 2500m2 Crown Spare Parts hub in Smithfield, Sydney, which incorporated the "One Source" division to supply all non-Crown parts.

A gas certification is provided on refurbished IC trucks stating that the gas system has been checked and meets Australian Standards.

All Internal Combustion truck owners receive an IC Smart Log Book with every refurbished vehicle to reflect the current status of the unit.

All trucks are serviced using the latest technology. Laptops enable downloading of the current mechanical status of the machine and a gas analyser assesses the condition of the engine.

Crown's National Refurbishment Centre’s products and latest units are highlighted in a catalogue of its machines on the their website: www.crownusedtrucks.com.au.

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