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Paperboard handling down to an art

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AS one of Australia’s largest folding printers and converters, Anzpac Services has to handle huge tonnages of both rolled and sheetfed paperboard of varying grades.

Owned by a major tobacco company, Anzpac specialises in printing and converting cigarette packs and cartons for that company, but also does a lot of outside work for the fast food industry and laundry and detergent manufacturers. Since it prints cartons using both lithography and rotogravure, it uses both rollfed and sheet-fed paperboard.

A spokesman said the company had worked with lift truck expert Crown Equipment to find the ideal combination of machines for handling this paper in its massive complex at Smithfield in western Sydney.

As gravure printing utilises one large rolls of paper approximately every 45 minutes, fully laden trucks continuously deliver the stock which must be unloaded quickly on a purpose built dock ramp, without damaging the material.

To facilitate this task, an LPG powered Crown CG35S engine truck has been fitted with special bevelled tines. Each roll weighs anywhere between 1500kg and 1700kg and as many as five or six trucks a day carrying up to 25 of these rolls are unloaded.

Anzpac operations manager Gary King says the Crown CG35S with its special tines provides the power and performance required to maintain the pace while giving the operator exceptional control and field of vision for the tricky unloading procedure.

“On our ramp, unloading is done at a reasonable height above ground level, hence it is critical for our drivers to be in total control while negotiating the movement as quickly as possible,” King said.

“When the roll is removed from the truck our operator is moving the vehicle in reverse, and once off the ramp he has to manoeuvre in small turning circles and often stack the heavy item fairly high.

“The demands of our gravure presses mean a fast turnover has to be met with exceptional, faultless handling, good performance in limited spaces and without compromising occupational health and safety standards.

“We worked with Crown to obtain the ideal tine system to ensure no damage is done to this sensitive paper stock as it is transferred from the unloading dock to our storage facility and eventually loaded onto the press.”

The output of printed product was very high, particularly in the dispatch department, so Anzpac had looked to another Crown machine that could move full pallet loads of printed carton very quickly; manoeuvre in long aisles and around corners, and not cause any pollution concerns.

A battery electric Crown FC Counterbalanced lift truck moves full pallet loads to the dispatch area. Able to carry heavy loads, the FC unit has a narrow wheel base to provide its manoeuvrability and without exhaust fumes it ensures a clean, safe workplace.

For general movement of items, a Crown Walkie Pallet Mover WP2020 was also equipped with special tines to safely pick up and move the fragile rolls of printing paper if required,” King said.

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